Still Don’t Have a Catchy LinkedIn Profile? Here’s How You Can Get It!

LinkedIn Profile

Do you know the worth of your LinkedIn profile? We always to try improve our products or services. But, how often do we care and modify our brand?  Yes, LinkedIn is our brand. We should be giving a proper time in building an eye catchy LinkedIn profile.

We are so busy with other tasks that we somehow ignore our LinkedIn profile. But, one thing should be kept in mind that ignoring personal branding may affect your professional career. Once you focus on your branding, the target audience would start following you. Similar is the case with the LinkedIn profile. Let’s discuss some fruitful ideas that would improve your LinkedIn profile.


The following are some ideas and methods that can improve a LinkedIn profile:


A profile picture is a visiting card of your LinkedIn profile. The viewer observes the profile picture first instead of reading your information, data, and experience. A picture should be professional. There is a difference between LinkedIn and Instagram. In LinkedIn, one cannot upload a casual picture. It is a professional platform. A LinkedIn picture should be your recent snap with decent clothes and a smile on a face.


After a profile picture, a background photo is the second visual part that grabs the concentration of viewers.  A catchy LinkedIn profile always has a background photo. Such a photo conveys a message. Therefore, one cannot upload a random photo. A photo should be based on your skills or industry. This will indicate your professional background to the viewer. For example, a doctor can upload a background photo of a hospital or a medical instrument. It will make a LinkedIn profile more attractive.


A LinkedIn profile should have an attractive headline. Surely, you can write a job title in the headline. But, you should bring more unique ideas out of the box to make it more attractive. You can also write your tagline in the headline box that reflects your skill or experience. It is an old perception that a headline would consist of an employee designation. There are lots of LinkedIn profile writing service providers that can beautifully craft the headline by writing why you are doing such a role, what excites you in this industry, etc. Such a strategy would make you different from others in the job marketplace.


A LinkedIn profile with a few connections is the least interesting profile. You should be growing your network within your industry. Such a strategy would introduce you to experienced professionals in your field. But, only building a network won’t be a decent step. One should also be engaging with LinkedIn connections as well. Furthermore, an individual that is habitual of building networks will be up to date of newly established corporations within the industry.


Mentioning a skill set is necessary for the LinkedIn profile. How would a viewer know what skill you possess? It differentiates you from others. Furthermore, it would allow users to know what projects you can perform and what you cannot. But, never mention unnecessary skills. Making a long list of skills is of no use when you have no idea about it. You only have to write those skills that you are well-aware of.


LinkedIn has introduced a new feature for self-employed professionals. It allows showcasing the variety of services you offer. This section is mostly filled by freelancers and consultants. Highlighting a service in the LinkedIn profile would increase your visibility in the search section.


Once your work portfolio increases, try to demand recommendations from your employer. A LinkedIn recommendation is a source of promotion. It outranks your profile from others and gives you an upper edge. Recommendations in simple words are a testimonial that is written by your employer to endorse you. It brings more attraction to your LinkedIn profile.

Updating and maintaining a LinkedIn profile is essential in the present time. A person should modify a profile regularly. Even working for fifteen to twenty minutes daily on the LinkedIn profile would be productive. In the beginning, an individual won’t realize the benefits of an eye catchy LinkedIn profile. You would feel a difference once you are done with all the above-mentioned steps.

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